Lab Alumni



Burcu Lacin Alas
M.S. Thesis (2022): The repatriation of wolves to Isle Royale alter the foraging of mesocarnivores

Currently lab manager of the Pauli lab



Penelope Murphy
M.S. Thesis (2022): Survival of ruffed grouse color morphs in seasonally snow-covered forests

Currently a Research Specialist at the Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center


Malena Candino

M.S. Thesis (2022): Moving through a heterogeneous landscape: Migration and habitat selection of a guanaco population in a seasonal environment

Currently a Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


Taylor Peltier
M.S. Thesis (2022): Phenotypic variation in the molt characteristics of the snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus)

Currently a Fisheries Biologist at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Grace Nugent
Senior thesis (2022): Distribution and sympatry of snowshoe hares and cottontail rabbits in Wisconsin

Currently a graduate student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington



Clare Knife
Senior thesis (2021): Genetic structure of the Moquah Barrens sharp-tailed grouse translocation




Michaela Rudolf
Senior thesis (2021): Consequences of variable winter conditions on nutritional condition and mortality of porcupines (Erethizon dorsatum) in central Wisconsin



Kimberly Thompson
PhD Dissertation (2021): The Abiotic Characteristics and Ecological Consequences of a Deteriorating Subnivium

Currently a Postdoc at the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research


Evan Wilson
PhD Dissertation (2021): Mechanisms of Community Disassembly Along a Southern Range Boundary

Currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Michigan



Brad Smith
M.S. Thesis (2021): Carnivore resource use and competition under rapid environmental change: the diet of fishers (Pekania pennanti) and martens (Martes caurina) in the Sierra Nevada mountains during drought and tree mortality

Currently a Research Associate with Region 5 of the US Forest Service


Tiffany Bougie
M.S. Thesis (2020): Demography Informed Species Recovery: Quantifying Wood Turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) vital rates, population viability, and effects of management actions in Wisconsin

Currently a forestry and restoration intern


Ally Scott
M.S. Thesis (2020): Small Mammal Communities in Changing Environments

Currently a field technician for the Wisconsin DNR



Julian Padro
Postdoctoral Fellow (2020):

Currently a Research Assistant at CONICET in Argentina



Kate Silverthorne
Senior Thesis (2019): Niche Partitioning in Communities Featuring Different Avian Scavenger Richness




Paula Perrig
PhD Dissertation (2019): Apex scavengers in a changing world: historical demography and future conservation of Andean condors

Currently a Post doctoral Fellow at CONICET in Argentina



Marie Marten
M.S. Thesis (2019): Exploring the energetic and spatial ecology of Pacific martens in Lassen National Forest, CA.
Annie Alexander Award

Currently a Faculty Research Assistant at Oregon State University Institute for Natural Resources


Julia Poje
M.S. Thesis (2019): Impacts of Environmental Conditions on Prairie Dog Fleas: Implications for Sylvatic Plague




Phil Manlick
Ph.D. Dissertation (2019): Landscape-mediated niche dynamics in North American Carnivores
Aldo Leopold Scholar

Currently a Research Wildlife Ecologist at the USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station


Megan Fitzpatrick
Postdoctoral Fellow (2018):

Currently a biologist with Minnesota DNR



Mario Garces Restrepo
Ph.D. Dissertation (2018):
Reproductive Ecology and Conservation of Sloths in Costa Rica 

Currently Technical Director of Biota at Proinsa LTDA in Colombia



Aleana Savage
Senior Thesis (2018): Assessing the Colonization History of the Isle Royale Red Squirrel: Tamiasciurus hudsonicus regalis

Currently a graduate student at the University of Missouri



Kristina Black
M.S. Thesis (2018):
The Great Lakes region is a melting pot for vicariant red fox (Vulpes vulpes) populations through natural expansion and fur-farm translocations                                                                                            

Currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Texas at Austin


Jen Grauer
M.S. Thesis (2017):
Demography and genetics of reintroduced American martens

Currently a PhD candidate at Cornell University



Shelby Petersen
Senior Thesis (2017):
Eltonian niche conservatism of martens across the Pacific Northwest

Currently a graduate student at UW-Madison



Rachel Larson
Senior Thesis (2017):
The genetic structure of American black bear (Ursus americanus) populations in the southern Rocky Mountains

Currently a graduate student at Florida Atlantic University


Becky KirbyBecky Kirby
Ph.D. Dissertation (2016):
Foraging Ecology and aging of black bears in human-modified landscapes

Currently a Biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Sacramento



Emily Fountain
Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently a Research Associate at the University of Wisconsin



People_Freeh Carissa Freeh
Senior Thesis (2015):
Diet driven decline of a generalist forest carnivore?

Currently a Wildlife Health Program Assistant at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Wynne MossWynne Moss
M.S. Thesis (2015):
Mountain lion foraging in the Colorado Front Range
FWE Outstanding Thesis

Currently a Postdoctoral Scientist at Conservation Science Partners


People_SultaireSean Sultaire
M.S. Thesis (2014):
Climate change and snowshoe hares

Currently a PhD student at Michigan State



Alumni_JennaCarlsonJenna Carlson
Senior Honors Thesis (2014):
Potential role of prey in the recovery of American martens to Wisconsin
Holstrom Environmental Scholarship

Currently a medical student at Touro University California


Sonia_PettySonia Petty
Senior Thesis (2014):
The effects of climate change and land cover type on the subnivium, a seasonal refuge beneath the snow.
Reid Bryson Scholarship

Currently in the M.B.A. program at UW


John PokallusJohn Pokallus
M.S. Thesis (2014): 
Population dynamics of a northern-adapted mammal in response to climate change and an altered predator community

Currently a Game Warden for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department


People_JorgeMendozaJorge Mendoza
M.S. Thesis (2014):
Resource use by two-and three-toed sloths differ in a shade-grown agro-ecosystem.

Currently the STEM Exploration and Engagement Scholars Program Manager at Ohio State University


People_Katrina BricknerKatrina Brickner
Senior Honors Thesis (2013): 
Exploring black-footed ferret diet specialization in Shirley Basin, Wyoming.

Currently DVM candidate at Colorado State University