Carly Scott



I am interested in broad ecological questions that intersect with wildlife management and conservation efforts. I earned my BSc in Biology at the University of Waterloo, and my MSc in Environmental and Life Science at Trent University. During my MSc I investigated the impacts of livestock grazing and human recreation on the occupancy and activity patterns of mammals across north-central Washington State.

For my PhD, I will be investigating the energetic landscape of state-endangered American martens in the Chequamegon and Nicolet National Forests, and the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior. By quantifying and comparing daily metabolic rate, diet, movement, competition, and prey availability between three populations, I hope to answer questions related to marten survival, recruitment, and population viability under different habitat and environmental conditions. This work will help inform American marten recovery strategies and refine our understanding of marten conservation needs within the state of Wisconsin.